How it all Started

My interest in mental and physical health dates back many, many years. The more I have learnt through clinical experience, years of study, and my own personal experience, the more aware I have become of the madness of trying to treat mind and body as separate entities. I have also become aware, as Dr Gabor Mate argues, of the madness of trying to understand brain development and functionality in isolation from its social environment. It is alarming that most branches of Western medicine still treat the human brain as a separate and isolated entity, when all the evidence suggests otherwise. These two ideas, nevertheless, support the existential principle of holism, the inter-connected and social nature of human existence, and our scientifically-proven need for attachment relationships. The knowledge and skills I have gained within this theoretical framework have provided me with a robust and solid foundation on which to base my work as a holistic and existential practitioner.


Work Experience,Training and Qualifications  

As a European Business graduate (1990: BA Hons) I enjoyed a long career in the travel industry where I gained many years experience managing, coaching and training individuals in the work place. This proved to be an excellent foundation for my second career in counselling and psychotherapy which I first embarked upon in 2010. Having qualified as a Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in 2016, and a Master of Science in Psychotherapy in 2018, I have spent the last few years working as a Psychotherapist in private practice. Along the way I have worked for a variety of local charities and counselling agencies including Breakeven, based in Brighton, where for several years I assisted clients struggling with gambling addiction.


My Personal Journey  

I have found that one of the key advantages of being a mature practitioner is the opportunity to draw on many years of my own life experience, some of which I have found very difficult. In effect I have been on my own journey of personal development which has allowed me to reform, in a sense, as a much more complete and integrated person. And whilst my journey continues, this process has greatly enhanced my ability to connect to, empathise with, and assist the many clients who seek my help.    


A Commitment to Best Practice

As part of my continual professional development I regularly attend psychotherapy training courses and workshops covering a broad range of topics. As a member of both the BACP and the UKCP I adhere to a strict, formal, ethical framework of best practice. This includes regular sessions with a registered clinical supervisor who oversees and supports my work.